'New' Standard Bank, Eloff Street

The following description of this fantastic building appeared in a 1923 edition of the South African Builder magazine:

"Our illustrations show a newly-erected branch of the Standard Bank of South Africa, at the corner of Market and Eloff Streets, Johannesburg. The design was one placed first in a competition and the architect is Mr Allen Wilson, F.S.A., Licentiate R.I.B.A., of Johannesburg. The lower storeys are constructed in grey Paarl granite, which was brought to Johannesburg in the rough and worked on the site. The upper storeys are constructed of cast concrete blocks, which were cast in situ. Floors and roof are in reinforced concrete, and the roof has been specially treated with hessian and bitumen, upon a coating of which has been deposited about nine inches of fine clinkers. It is interesting to learn that this roof finish has proved entirely satisfactory, no percolation having yet occurred, and one special advantage is that the floor covering retains a large percentage of the rainfall and thus prevents any undue flushing of the rainwater popes; in addition this method has the advantage of keeping the building cool, owing to evaporation. All the window and door fittings are of bronze, and teak has been used throughout for doors and windows.

It is noteworthy that the whole of the bank furniture together with bronze counter grilles were manufactured in Johannesburg. The lifts for this building were installed by the Waygood-Otis, and are among the most up-to-date in the town. The contractor for the work was Mr T. Douglas of Johannesburg and he is to congratulated upon the erection of such a fine building on a site of confined area, without interrupting the ever-increasing business of the bank during the period of erection."

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