Why does Kwazulu-Natal have a separate Act?

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Anonymous (not verified)
Why does Kwazulu-Natal have a separate Act?
RogerFisher (not verified)
If the Province is to act as

If the Province is to act as an authority it needs to have its own Act in order to gazette regulations for the Appointment of Council, Issuing of Permit and Grading and Prosecuting and Collection and Management of Funds. The question is - which Provinces do not have there own Acts and why?

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Flo (not verified)
Gauteng does have some

Gauteng does have some regulations but it has been reluctant to institute an autonomous Heritage authority and that would require legislation. But It has taken something like 5 years to prepare the new Planning Bill, perhaps more, so legislation is perhaps not their forte.

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Bryan Wintermeyer (not verified)
The Eastern Cape experience

The Eastern Cape experience of this is that we did get our own Act but there were serious inconsistencies between it and the National Act (particularly noted in the Corrans case of March 2009 by Judge Chetty) and it is in the process of being repealed.

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Corlie Smart (not verified)
All I can add is to say that

All I can add is to say that the National Heritage Act takes preference over any Provincial act, and that technically speaking regulations in terms of NHRA promulgated by a Provincial authority can address the issues relating to the provincial authorities council etc....I must say, I think the 2 act system can lead to a lot of confusion if matters are duplicated and the same wording is not used....I understand the need for some provincial legislation, but I don't think it should be addressing anything already addressed in the NHRA...

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Annie van de Ve... (not verified)
KZN Heritage Act

Pre 1994 two heritage agencies operated in KwaZulu-Natal- The National Monuments Council and the KwaZulu Monuments Council. Post 1994 these two agencies worked in co-operation to produce South Africa's first provincial heritage legislation, which went on to became the framework for national legislation. The KZN Heritage Act was promulgated in 1997 and made provision for the establishment of a statutory body (Public Entity) to administer the province's heritage. In 2008 this Act was repealed and replaced by the KZN Heritage Act (Act 4 of 2008). Thus the original 1997 Act preceded the NHRA of 1999.

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