Why is an archive important? How does it add value to an organisation?

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Why is an archive important? How does it add value to an organisation?
Here are few that I can think

Here are few that I can think of...

  • Break the ice with future partners and VIPs. (Nothing better than talking about the company's history or going through a few prestige historic documents)
  • Internal and External Marketing and Communications. What better way to attract customers and boost pride and morale? What better way to emphasise continuity and prestige?
  • Assist in the creation of a powerful company culture
  • So many more please add yours...


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Katherine Munro (not verified)
Institutional Memory 

Institutional Memory 

Knowing about the past helps avoid mistakes In the future 

Backbone of policies  and knowing where an organizations policies came from 

An archive is essential if you want to write a history  in the future . 

Ultimately rare documents from the past become tangible treasures . 

Message .... Don't have a bonfire of past papers , organize , document and preserve . 


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