Clarendon Court, Arcadia

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Clarendon Court, Arcadia

An excerpt from the section 34(1) application compiled by West Rand Heritage Consultants:

"Clarendon Court is at present in a sad state of disrepair and in need of renovation and upgrading. “Conservation” in relation to heritage resources, includes the protection, maintenance, preservation and sustainable use of it as to safeguard their cultural significance”.

It is the intent of the owners to restore the buildings to its former glory. In regard to the existing buildings the purpose is to uncover the existing face brick, restore the external façade, remove non-period additions and renovate the roof. It is believed that the original colour was white and the intention is to re-paint in that colour scheme. In short, the buildings are to be saved from further deterioration. The buildings will be renovated to their original condition."

Please use this thread to discuss the project.

The statement of significance

The statement of significance compiled by West Rand Heritage Consultants:

"Clarendon Court is one of the early examples of higher density suburban residences in Pretoria. Clarendon Court date from the 1930’s and is in the neo-classical style. Typical for the period is an increasing simplification of decoration, stripping the style to its bare minimum and relying on proportions and layout to carry the aesthetic. It consists of loose grouping of three buildings, giving them a character of clustered mansions, rather than a single block of flats. These type of flats were known as ‘Flats-de-luxe’ or ‘Mansion flats’ at the time and a companion volume to the British style of homes. It is one of the three medium-high residency buildings which were erected in Arcadia in the 1930’s in response to the urbanisation of the rural population of Pretoria. The heritage significance of Clarendon Court situated on Erf 1293 Lisdogan Park, Pretoria is rated high."

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Public Participation

Again an excerpt from the section 34(1) application.

A notice informing the public in general of the proposed renovation and upgrading of Clarendon Court appeared in Beeld and The Star of 25 February 2013. A copy of the notice was also displayed in A3-format on the boundary of the premises.

The Arcadia Ratepayers Association and the Pretoria Institute of Architects were acknowledged as interested and affected parties.

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Stop Order

I have recently heard that a stop order on this project was issued by the PHRAG in front of a representative from the Arcadia Residents and Ratepayers Association.

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Lizelle Kruger (not verified)

Good day

What do you know about this project? I wanted to rent there about a year ago but the place was so dilapidated that I could not. Are the owners still the two old ladies that reside overseas? Who is heading up the renovation and will they be renting out/selling these apartments? Regards

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Hey Lizelle. We'll send a message to the Arcadia Residents and Ratepayers Association and see if they can send some info. Thanks so much for getting in touch.

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Lizelle Kruger (not verified)

Thanks so much. And thank you for your interest in this place. It really is gorgeous as well worth preserving. Lizelle

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Claus Schütte (not verified)
Clarendon Court Renovations

Clarendon Court is being updated and renovated by the new owners who bought the share of one of the old ladies.
The work is progressing well and done according to the heritage approval.
The units are not for sale and will be rented out.
Claus, for ARRA.

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Jeanne-Marie Roos (not verified)
Clarendon Court

Where can I find out about renting at Clarendon Court once the renovations are complete?

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Quick update from West Rand Heritage Consultants

[Separate to the request above but Johan may be able to assist].

"PHRA-G approved the Conservation Management Plan for the rehabilitation of Clarendon Court.

The project leader is Mr Johan du Preez. He can be contacted via email at: Johann Du Preez"

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Irma Gessner (not verified)
Clarenden Court restoration

I drove pass yesterday, busy restoring!
Are there updates, photos and more information on the project?

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